Black and White 2 free download

Black and White 2 free download:-Black & White 2Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. Black & White 2Free Download is an awesome strategy, city building and god game element.

Overview of Black and White 2 free download:-Black & White 2″ is a video game developed by “Lionhead Studios” and published by “Electronic Arts”. It blends real-time strategy, city building and god game elements. It was released in 2005.

Black and White 2 free download

In the game, the player plays the role of God called from heaven to help those who call them. However, the player is not a versatile style of God, but a God with his believers to rise and fall together, the player must help them according to their good or evil desire to develop their own nature. Players also have a form of creature that they take in the physical form of the world, taking the form of ape, lion, wolf, cow or tiger. It can grow into a huge size and take on a good or evil role independent player. They develop their character as a player to reward or punish their actions.

Black and White 2 free download

In addition to the primitive black and white in the introduction of the God of simulation and urban construction elements, B / W 2 also features real-time strategy game elements, plus controllable warfare and combat units.The only way players can interact directly with the world is through the player’s hand, where players can pick people, trees, food, and affect the ground. Players can also throw a miracle. However, a certain amount of “prayer” (essentially “mana”) comes from the believer of the player.

Black and White 2 free download

Miracle has a variety of uses. There are six common miracles: Fire, Lightning, Water, Shield, Healing and Meteors (each can be thrown or dumped), and 4 Epic Miracles, which are Alerts, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Black and White 2 free download

The player’s creature can do most of the things the player can do, such as casting a miracle. They will slowly grow up for a long time, may become very large. As the player training him, his personality can be done by any player. They may be the player’s kingdom or the ultimate soldier in the player’s army.There are three possible paths in this game: good, evil, or a more neutral combination of the two, although this decision is not discrete. The typical path of an evil God will be the fear, torture, conquest and destruction of the epic army and the establishment of terrible places, such as a pit of torture, while a good God will be a merciful, more active city-building, and many Take care of the crowd, especially against its attacks. Both require ore and timber, which have a limited number of players to choose from a strategy.

Black and White 2 free download

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